Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Oldest Dog in Town !

Meet Yonghy Bonghy Bo who is quite possibly the 'Oldest Dog in Town'

It was a pleasure to welcome Lady Victoria Starkey and her chauffeur driven Dog into my studio last week. Yonghy Bonghy Bo not only has an interesting name but he's also reached the ripe old age of 112 ...(16 Years old!). He's a long haired Daschund and knows how to chill with the still.

Personally I think he's had a good life being taken around the town on the back of Victoria's trike, seeing the sights, smelling the scenes and with a very comfortable cushioned seat too...who wouldn't want that kind of life ? 

What I loved about this photoshoot was the connection between Victoria and her Yonghy Bonghy Bo whom she told me 'enjoys cuddles'.  They have a beautiful close bond and I think the photographs reflect this.

She told me she wants him to be a film star ...and I'm pretty sure he would have a leading role in any period drama .... he certainly has the name for it !!

For FULL resolution Click on the image

Chauffeur driven 'Yonghy Bonghy Bo'

Thursday, 14 February 2019

DOG Photography OFFER !

£80 ! (REDUCED from £100)

1-2 Hour studio shoot
All images edited 
All images presented on a Doggy memory device keepsake

To book & for info on location please use my contact form ! 

Love to hear from you, Anna X 


"Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this photo of my baby boy"
 (Maddy -

"We love the images Anna, they are great and we are going to get them printed on to canvas" 
(Louise Righton, Southwell)

"Oh Anna, these are amazing" (Rebecca from Last Night I Dreamt boutique, Southwell)

Monday, 14 January 2019


10% OFF ALL Family shoots or Pet studio shoots 

£150 with 10% discount - £135 

This offer includes ALL images fully edited and presented on a 'keepsake' memory device ! (because we all want memories we can keep)

Pet shoot bone memory device 

Family shoot love heart device 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Such a FUN time with these two little characters in my attic studio. These two pugs had such distinct personalities. Their names are Poetry and Libby ....whilst one of them seemed to have a calm, almost Buddha like personality the other made up for it by getting into mischief and jumping off the chest in the studio !! However burning lavender candles and with the help of some music they were soon into the shoot like a pair of professionals ! Here are just a few of the images I captured.

Guess which personality went with which Pug ...



Thursday, 6 September 2018

Emma and Luke 💗

So at most weddings and as a photographer that mainly floats in the background of the day observing  it as it unfolds more often than not there's an element of stress, tension and fuss at certain points of the day, this can be expected after many months of planning, preparing and anticipating this very special day ! But with the wedding of Emma & Luke there wasn't an atmosphere at any time of any of the above was a day that really spoke of the couple, their personalities and it flowed with simplicity, elegance, a lot of laughter and not a hint of fuss. I LOVED capturing this wedding and the connection between this beautiful couple ....#LOVEWINS

Here are selected images that tell...

EMMA & LUKE'S STORY (for full resolution click on the image)