Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Oldest Dog in Town !

Meet Yonghy Bonghy Bo who is quite possibly the 'Oldest Dog in Town'

It was a pleasure to welcome Lady Victoria Starkey and her chauffeur driven Dog into my studio last week. Yonghy Bonghy Bo not only has an interesting name but he's also reached the ripe old age of 112 ...(16 Years old!). He's a long haired Daschund and knows how to chill with the still.

Personally I think he's had a good life being taken around the town on the back of Victoria's trike, seeing the sights, smelling the scenes and with a very comfortable cushioned seat too...who wouldn't want that kind of life ? 

What I loved about this photoshoot was the connection between Victoria and her Yonghy Bonghy Bo whom she told me 'enjoys cuddles'.  They have a beautiful close bond and I think the photographs reflect this.

She told me she wants him to be a film star ...and I'm pretty sure he would have a leading role in any period drama .... he certainly has the name for it !!

For FULL resolution Click on the image

Chauffeur driven 'Yonghy Bonghy Bo'

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